Standing in the desert, dust swirls at your feet. Black storms rage over megalithic structures in the distance. A voice echoes in your ear, beckoning to you: “Find me...” You do not know her, but her call feels like a memory. Your grip tightens on the controls of your vehicle as the engine roars to life. The wind whips at the tatters of your jacket. Like a bolt in the storm, you jet off into the wasteland beyond.

Atlas is an original science fiction series from The Soap Collective. Awaken to a place lost to time, with secrets waiting to be uncovered around every corner.

Welcome to the world beyond. Welcome to Atlas.

My responsibilities on Atlas were to produce concepts, defining the visual language for the world and characters.

Using information from backstory I used visual metaphor to reinforce character traits and to tell the history of Atlas. As the player explored the world and gained more knowledge, visuals in the world that may have been overlooked take reveal their meaning. 

Role: Concept Artist
Client: The Soap Collective
Creative Director: Logan Dwight