I worked with The SOAP Collective, in collaboration with World Innovation Lab and ANA to create an educational adventure series focused on Japan. The experience is designed to merge the best elements of travel with the excitement of immersive fantasy. Set in an imagined alternate Tokyo, the project uses room-scale VR to take users on an adventure of wonder and mystery, while also teaching them about Japanese culture and tradition.

We’re excited to share more about this project soon!

My responsibilities included developing the aesthetic direction of Beyond Tokyo, participating in high level client meetings, educating clients on art process, assisting the management of our
art team, creating concept designs, mood paintings, style guide and creating 2D assets and animation for final VR experience. I also was responsible for collecting and distributing reference during the project's research trip to Tokyo and Kyoto.

Role: Art Director/Artist
Client: The Soap Collective
Creative Director: Logan Dwight