⭐ 5 5tar Friday No. 1 ⭐

I'm conducting an experiment: For the next few weeks I'll be sharing 5 things at the end of the week I've found helpful or inspiring lately. 

The format comes from Tim Ferriss' 5 Bullet Friday, which I really enjoy. I found myself wishing a creative version existed, so voila!

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Have suggestions for helpful resources or inspiring work? DM me on twitter! you might see it in a future post.

Enjoy the weekend!


⭐ An Inspiring Artist: Vitalik Shu  

I found his work while doing research for Role.  I love his colorful palettes, strong graphic shapes and the playful nature of his work.

⭐ A game I'm enjoying: Hyper Light Drifter

Beautiful, fun, and intriguing. The wordless narrative, and intriguing world had me immediately hooked. The gameplay can be difficult at times, but REALLY rewarding once you get comfortable. Pro tip: Remember where you find health packs.

⭐ A  helpful book - Framed ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre.

Great resource for learning visual language and how it relates to storytelling, and a great primer for storyboarding or beginning a comic. It blew my mind more than once!


⭐ Brain food: Satoshi Kon’s Opus + I could do that.

Being aware of the context in which something was made is often just as interesting as the piece itself. The last chapter of Opus is entirely pencil roughs due to Kon’s sad and premature passing. The combination of the work and his life makes that last chapter far more powerful, and interesting. It’s a fun read, I suggest checking it out.


⭐ A quote I've found helpful - "Act without fabrication, and there will be nothing you cannot manage" - Lao Tzu