⭐5 Star Friday No. 4⭐

Below is 5 Star Friday No.4. Enjoy!


An Inspiring Artist: Alexandre “Zedig” Diboine

Zedig’s work overflows with wonderful personality and unbound creativity. Not only is his work amazing, but he also makes music. Some of us just have it all.

A Helpful Artist’s Thoughts: Justin Oaksford’s Discussion of Craftsmanship.

Justin discusses the difference between learning superficial style and rendering (polish & Craft) techniques and being cognitive of the decisions you are making as an artist (Foundations). It’s a great video for anyone starting out, and a wonderful reminder to anyone more advanced.

A Helpful Resource: Thumb War - Design Iteration Combat Simulation by Paul Richards

I used then when I began teaching myself concept art and visual language. Not only is it filled with great information, it includes a “Simulated Art Director” exercise to help keep you sharp.


A Song I Work To: Flower Drum by Lei Qiang

I’m not sure where I first found this song, but its beautiful, and queing up Lei Qiang’s work while working will bring you to a calm, wonderful place.

A Quote I Live By: “What doesn’t transmit its own light creates its own darkness” - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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Enjoy the weekend!