Image courtesy of -  All images  © Abrakam 2016

Image courtesy of -  All images © Abrakam 2016


Always flattered to find my work on a client's marketing materials.

"Faeria is a beautiful and strategic Card Game that gives players the ability to shape the board with lands to create mind-blowing strategies."

Working closely with the Art Director I design and illustrate creatures, events and cultures in the world of Faeria.

Aesthetically Faeria is a whimsical, colorful world filled with a myriad of creatures, races and places.  

Each artist is given a collection of cards called a Tribe, creating a distinct aesthetic for each race in the game.
I am currently responsible for the Kappa and Solar tribes. (Solars are slated for the expansion) I have also done work on a cycle cards (1 for each color) and untribed cards, a few of which are below.

Faeria is available on Steam.
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Client: Abrakam
Art Director: Jen Berger