Role is a storytelling party game for iOS.

Working closely with the Creative Director at The Soap Collective, I designed the vibrant aesthetic of the Role universe.

The Role universe is one where anything goes. I tried to answer the question "What did I imagine at 10 years old with my towel cape and cardboard sword?". The results were over-the-top, bright, colorful, and fun.

The Role universe needed to reflect the visual style of the core Role brand. That meant working with lots of clean lines, smooth gradients, and bold solid colors. We wanted to create something that looked ripped from a high quality Saturday morning cartoon.

I also worked on all of the Role Fantasy universe environments. That universe's style was created to be reminiscent of classic high-fantasy art.

Role can be found in the iOS App Store, the Role Characters and Adventure Packs are free!

Client: The Soap Collective
Creative Director: Logan Dwight


Character Concepts